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Why pay more for the same level of expert service? Join savvy homeowners who enjoy top-tier selling experiences without the premium price.

6% Listing vs. Creekstone 1% Listing

6% ListingCreekstone 1% Listing
Savings on $500,000 Sale$0$10,000
Property Added to MLS
Market Analysis and Pricing Strategy
Professional Marketing Services
Home Staging Advice
Communication and Responsiveness
Negotiation and Representation
Handling Showings
Paperwork and Transaction Management
Follow-Through and Closing Assistance
Post-Sale Support
Buyer Agent CommissionRequiredRequired,
Reduced if buyer is not represented
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Discover the premier Flat Fee Listing Service in Houston with Creekstone Real Estate. As dedicated Houston Realtors offering competitive flat rate MLS listings, we ensure your property shines in Houston’s bustling real estate market. We specialize in flat fee realty, crafting strategies that enhance your home’s visibility in the MLS listings of Houston. If you’re in search of a cost-effective flat fee listing or desire a detailed market analysis in Houston, look no further. Our seasoned team is committed to guiding you every step of the way for a seamless and successful home selling experience.

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CostTraditional BrokerageCreekstone Real EstateYour Savings
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** Savings based on a 6% listing versus our 1% full service listing and a 2.5% buyer agent commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Creekstone Real Estate is a full service 1% listing commmission brokerage. If you're looking for a true "flat fee MLS listing" where the broker charges you between $50 and $500 to enter your property in to MLS, read on to see if this style of listing might be a better fit for you.

    A flat fee MLS listing offers an alternative to traditional real estate listing services by providing you with a fixed-rate option to list your property on MLS. With most flat fee MLS listings you will be entered in the same MLS database that most real estate professionals use to find suitable listings for buyers.

    With a flat fee MLS listing service you are required to take charge of most of the selling tasks like photography, pricing, negotiations, showings, all associated paperwork, and managing the process from contract to close. This can lead to a significant savings because it circumvents traditional 6% commission models. Depending on the broker you choose to go through your property may also be natioanlly syndicated to many other second-tier real estate portals like Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com, Trulia, and others which will increase visibility even further.

    While you'll get a considerable amount of exposure and you have the potential to save a large amounf on commissions, you just need to be aware that your level of responsibility will also be significantly increased. You'll be responsible for marketing, answering buyer questions, meeting the minimum requirements for legally required disclosures, and navigating your way through the closing process. If you've done this before, then a flat fee MLS listing can be an excellent way to save money and maintain the highest level of control over the sale of your property.

    If you believe this is the right path for you, there are numerous flat bee MLS listing brokers on the internet waiting to take your money and sign you up. We strongly suggest you do thorough research before choosing a listing broker (this advice applies no matter whether you choose a flat fee mls listing, a traditional 6% listing, or our full service reduced rate 1% listing. We're always here to help or answer questions regardless of your choice feel free to give us a call (281) 606-0863.

  • A "Flat Fee MLS Listing" refers to a listig where a real estate broker charges you a set fee to list your property in MLS. This service is considerably more hands-off and usually includes just the listing of your property in MLS, which then syndicates the listing to various second-tier real estate portals. You're then responsible for most of the selling process, including taking photos, setting the price, showing the house, negotiating with buyers, and handling the paperwork. This type of listing ispopular among sellers who are familiar with and comfortable managing the sales process themselves and wish to save money on a listing commissions.

    On the other hand, a "Full Service Listing" with a traditional real estate brokerage involves a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of the selling process. A full-service real estate agent will handle market analysis, professional photography, scheduling showings, marketing the property, negotiation with potential buyers, and managing all the paperwork and legal requirements. This level of service is more extensive, and the agent's compensation is typically a percentage of the home's selling price, paid as commission at closing.

    Creekstone Real Estate is a full service listing brokerage, except we charge a 1% listing commission rather and still provide comprehensive service throughout the length of your listing and even after-the-sale assistance where needed.

  • It's simple, we charge a 1% listing commission to list your property in MLS and manage the process from beginning to end. We have a minimum listing commission amount of $2,500 and a maximum listing commission amount of $15,000, so even if you're priced under $250,000 you'll still have and if you're priced over $1.5m your savings will only increase the higher your valuation is. This makes us very competitive even within the arena of reduced rate listing brokerages.

  • Of course! That's exactly what we do at Creekstone Real Estate.

    With our 1% listing commission you get the best of both worlds. Unparalleled service that rivals most national brand full-service brokerages and a discount so good you might even feel a little guilty over how much you're saving on the sale of your home.

    If you are reading this review or any others about Creekstone Real Estate just stop what you are doing and sign up. Right now. Just do it. In all of our real estate transactions through the years we have never received the attention, professionalism and guidance from other professionals like we have with Creekstone Real Estate. What they offer in terms of cost savings is, of course, almost too good to be true (I even felt a little guilty...) but it truly is the care they give to their clients that will win your trust and your loyalty. Thank you Creekstone for the amazing and easy experience!!! -Jeff H.

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