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As Houston's best Flat Fee Realtor, we're happy to offer you a free market analysis (CMA).  You can use a Comparative Market Analysis to help you arrive at a list price that will get your home sold as fast as possible while getting the best price in the current market.

What is a CMA?  A comparable sale is a recent home sale that resembles your home within the same neighborhood or the very immediate area.  We'll select a list of homes that have sold that are also close in age, square footage, amenities, interior/exterior updates, and condition.  Comparables are based on what buyers have recently paid to purchase a property and will give you the best insight into how your list price will be received by the market.

In addition to raw sales data, we also take an extra step that most agents aren't aware of.  We check the velocity of the sales in the neighborhood to help determine if you should price aggressively (brisk sales) or conservatively (no/low/slowing sales).  This data is very important as it will tell you about how long it should take you to sell given a list price that's in line with the rest of the market.

Fill out the short form below and we'll prepare a market analysis to help you come up with a list price that works for you.

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