When not to use a Flat-Fee MLS Listing Service

Expert Guide: 2 Crazy Ways to Sell Your Home (And Why You Should Avoid Them)

In his insightful article, “2 Crazy Ways to Sell Your Home (That You Should Avoid),” Dave Ramsey absolutely nails it with his critical advice on home selling strategies. While Dave’s article is a must-read, we’re here to add our expert commentary to his key points.

Maximizing the Internet in Home Sales

Did You Know? The Internet drives 50% of all home sales!

The internet has revolutionized home selling, accounting for a staggering 50% of all home sales. In contrast, licensed agents contribute 28%, and yard signs 7%. This highlights the immense power of online platforms in the real estate market. However, opting for a basic FSBO website listing isn’t enough. Harnessing the full potential of the internet means leveraging platforms like HAR.com, which amassed over 850 million page views in 2019.

Update (August 14, 2021): HAR.com soared to over 1.1 billion page views in 2020, a significant increase from the previous year.

The Pitfalls of Limited Service Listings

Full Service for a Fraction of the Price

Beware of budget-friendly flat-fee MLS listings; they are often “limited service” offerings. These services get you listed but leave you without crucial support in the complex aspects of real estate transactions. At Creekstone Real Estate, we pride ourselves on only offering full service listings. We handle everything from contract negotiations to staging advice, minus the in-person visits.

The Hidden Costs of ‘Budget’ Services

No Hidden Fees Here!

Low-cost MLS listings often come with a plethora of hidden fees - from extra charges for additional listing photos to fees for essential document uploads. Our approach at Creekstone Real Estate is transparent and all-inclusive, saving you from the dreaded ‘death by paper cut’ of added costs.

Avoid Mispricing with Expert Valuation

Trust a Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor

Online Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) can be unreliable, especially in states like Texas, where sales data is not publicly accessible. This is where our expertise comes in. As certified Pricing Strategy Advisors, we use actual sold data to ensure your property is priced perfectly for the market.

Choose Professionalism From the Start

Work With the Pros for Optimal Results

As Dave Ramsey says, “It pays to work with a pro,” and we couldn’t agree more. Choosing a broker committed to providing comprehensive support is crucial. While you might find cheaper options, the value of expert guidance and efficient selling cannot be overstated.

Ready to experience the Creekstone Real Estate difference? Order your flat fee listing with us today and enjoy top-notch service from start to finish.

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