Why Don’t Most Real Estate Agents Answer Their Phone? It’s Not You, It’s Them!

Ever wondered why your real estate agent seems to be playing hard to get? You’d think they’d be all over calls like a cat on a laser pointer, considering it’s their bread and butter. Well, strap in, because I’m about to spill the beans on this real estate mystery.

Agents Dodging Calls: A Curious Case

You might imagine real estate agents clinging to their phones like lifebuoys, especially since every ring could be the sweet sound of money. But no, there’s a twist in this plot – and it involves their fellow agents.

The Infamous “Wiggle Room” Inquiry

1) “Can we get this for less than asking?”

Ah, the age-old dance around the price. As agents, we have a duty to stick to your listing price. We’re not running a bazaar here! When we’re asked about flexibility, our standard reply is to encourage an official offer. This often leads to some agents throwing tantrums that would make toddlers look like Zen masters. Remember, this isn’t a high-stakes drama series where overpricing is the norm. Our advice? Price it right and stick to your guns.

The “Any Offers?” Probe

2) “So, are there any other offers on the table?”

This one is popular among agents who are either trying to avoid effort or aiming for a lowball offer. Our lips are sealed on this one. Whether there are offers or not, it’s a secret. We encourage all interested parties to throw their hat in the ring regardless.

The Icebreaker That’s Not Really an Icebreaker

3) “Just a random question before I ask my real question.”

Sometimes, agents try to be sneaky by asking something trivial, only to pivot to the real questions: pricing and existing offers. Our policy? If it’s not in the voluminous documents already provided, feel free to email us. We prefer keeping things in writing, anyway.

Beyond the Big Three

Of course, there are other legitimate queries now and then. Even less experienced agents can navigate these waters by simply putting in an offer. The real game begins once the offer is on the table – that’s when all the nitty-gritty details like title companies and surveys come into play. Negotiations can be a slow dance, often taking weeks, with dates and figures shuffling around like a deck of cards.

In conclusion, while real estate agents might seem like they’re giving you the cold shoulder, it’s usually just them dodging the routine drama that comes with the territory. So the next time your call goes unanswered, remember – it’s not you, it’s them… and possibly another agent on the other end, trying to get the “whisper price.”

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